Remote collaboration doesn't have to suck.

Asynchronous collaboration for better efficiency, visibility and peace of mind.

Lepsta Platform Overview
Shorten the distance

Execute with better visibility

Lepsta Custom Views
Lepsta keeps everything in sight so you can see who needs help, who's overloaded, and what's going stale.

Productivity statistics

Allows the team to understand productivity trends and know immediately when it's time to pick up the pace.

Staleness detection

Gives you a good view of active work that has become stale. This allows you to prune the workload to improve reporting accuracy.

Team workload

Understand your team's or individual's workload with a click of a button. Reduce reliance on people who are swamped.

You get peace of mind withLepsta Assistant

Lepsta Assistant works in the background organising your priorities, recommending interventions and identifying blockers to help you stay on top of things.

Never miss important things

Prioritises and reminds you about the important things so that you are never overwhelmed.

Can't figure something out?

If you can't find something on the app, Lepsta Assistant can do it while giving you a guided tour.

Lepsta Assistant

Jennifer has assigned some work to you


Send the spec to designers

This is due and is marked as higher priority. Would you like to start working on it now?
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Make it your own

Plan with great flexibility

Lepsta Custom Views
Lepsta is highly versatile, enabling efficient customisation of work collections or streams.


All work items can be captured and represented as streams along with all related text including files, images, checklists and more.


You can group related streams into work collections and configure them to best represent your activities.


Choose between status, board and table views to better visualise your teams progress and planning.


Review is built into the workflow to help the team improve efficiency by getting things right the first time.


Priorities change all the time. Lepsta ensures that changes can be made easily to reach the attention of relevant team members.

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We are on a journey to create the remote workspace of the future.