Your dev workflow is complex.

Reduce the number of steps from your daily workflow to unlock higher efficiency.

Complex software development workflow

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Reduce cycle times by up to:
(Taking a task from start to finish)

Lepsta is a collaboration platform for developers

Lepsta introduces the concept of Streams, which are self-contained work items that the team uses to collaborate. Streams house everything about a task including files, source code and other details. They are also used to automate and streamline parts of the workflow to simplify it.

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Plan with greater visibility using streams

You can treat streams as work items representing a task or a goal. They can be linked to repositories in order to make code contributions while maintaining versitality to ensure high visibility.

Woman planning using Lepsta


Streams know where the code is supposed to go when the work is finished. No need to think about branches in your workflow.


No more will you forget to move your task to “Done”. Streams update their statuses based on what the developer is doing. Everyone know’s what everyone else is working on.

In-stream comments

When you need feedback, others can make comments directly into your stream. This is kept as task contribution for future reference.



Streams auto-sync your code

With every save, your code is picked up and sent to the central repository. This is because Lepsta repositories are based on a different technology (called Uju) that does not need manual commands all the time.

Lepsta auto-syncing changes

Git-less workflow

No need to remember to git add, git pull, git commit or git push. Your code is in the cloud by you simply saving it.

Your code in all your devices

Your code is automatically replicated to all your authorised devices without running commands. You can pick up from where you left off on a different machine.


You can still work even when you are disconnected and your changes will be propagated as soon as you reconnect.

Work with any IDE

What IDE you use is irrelevant to getting streams working since they interact directly with the filesystem. Not the code editor.



Streamlined code review process

Code reviews are possible at any stage in development. Even on work-in-progress that has not been committed. This helps your team be able to request feedback at any point to make sure that you get things right the first time.

Peaceful code review process with Lepsta

No Pull Requests required

A code review can be started with a click of a button. No need to come up with some creative titles and selecting branches.

Updates in real time

Everytime you update in response to comments/feedback received, all you have to do is save the code and your code review updates automatically. No need to commit and push.

Checklist-driven review

Checklists help you keep track of what you have/haven’t addressed during code review.


Code Forwarding

Code can be forwarded to Git repos

If you have an existing setup tied to a Git repository on Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket, you can keep it. Lepsta will layer itself on top of that and forward all code changes and branches to your Git repository automatically.

See how it works with your existing Git repositories

Be more direct!

Achieve everything in fewer steps

Lepsta is designed for efficiency, ensuring that everything you do results in a bigger impact. It lets you focus on the creative aspects of software development.

Code auto-synchronisation

No need to commit just to have your code in a central repository. Lepsta takes are of this automatically.

Simplified branching workflow

Feature branches are no longer a thing. Streams help you manage context and working copies easily.

Get/give feedback anytime

Getting feedback on code can be done without pull requests or even committing with streams.

Code reviews with instant updates

When asked to change something, you just edit the file and save. The code review updates itself.

Git-less git support

Lepsta plays nicely with Git, but removes the responsibility of doing manual version control.

From complex commands to clicks

Why memorise and repeat complex commands when you can just click a button to replace 5 steps? It’s 2022!

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